Yokai’s Curse

Yokais Curse

The Yokai’s Curse is a short game made for the 1st RPG Maker Game of the Month jam. This game is about exploring a town with little creatures and ghosts in order to rid yourself of a curse. It should take 30mins to 1hr to play. This is not a scary game, but the atmosphere is a little spooky, I guess.

In this game, you have been afflicted by a terrible curse! Explore the mysterious town and talk to various creatures and ghosts in this adventure game – Yokais Curse! Find clues on how to get rid of the curse before it’s too late. Have fun.

Arrow keys = Move
Z = Talk/confirm
X = Menu/cancel
Shift = Run
F4 = Toggle fullscreen
F5 = Reset game


Can you escape Yokai’s Curse?

If we missed any of the best escape games, tell us about them in the comments!
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Thank you so much to everyone for the support of our new game… and please tell your friends! Have Fun! 😉