Pokemon Yellow – Online Version

Pokemon Yellow - Online Version

Play the role of Ash in this classic Pokemon game based on the very first anime series! Get Pikachu as starter Pokemon in Pokemon Yellow – Online Version! Learn some powerful moves and find the thunder stone to evolve Pikachu! Pokemon Yellow is one of the earlier entry to the Pokemon game series and basically an enhanced version to Pokemon Red and Blue. Instead of having to choose among the three starter Pokemon, you’ll have the rare Pikachu to start with. Fortunately, you’ll still be able to get the 3 starter Pokemons as you progress with the game story making this version the most competitive among the three versions. The game features generation 1 Pokemons and events based on the original anime series. Have fun!

Game Controls
START : Keyboard: RETURN
SELECT : Keyboard: SHIFT
UP : Keyboard: UP
DOWN : Keyboard: DOWN
LEFT : Keyboard: LEFT
RIGHT : Keyboard: RIGHT
B : Keyboard: z
A : Keyboard: x


Can you escape Pokemon Yellow – Online Version?

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