Melting-Mindz Conundrum Escape: Can You Escape the Ultimate Prison Conundrum and Clear Your Name?

Melting-Mindz Conundrum Escape: Can You Escape the Ultimate Prison Conundrum and Clear Your Name?

Melting-Mindz- Conundrum Escape is a new point and click escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. In this game, players find themselves in the shoes of someone who has been falsely accused of a crime and thrown into prison. With nothing but their wits and cunning, players must find a way to escape the prison and prove their innocence.

The Story

Life behind bars is tough, especially when you’re innocent. You’ve been locked up for a crime you didn’t commit, and now you’re determined to break out and clear your name. Fortunately, the prison guards are currently distracted by a game of poker, giving you the perfect opportunity to make your escape. You’ll need to use all of your intelligence and resourcefulness to find useful items, solve puzzles, and outsmart the guards if you want to make it out alive.

The Gameplay

The gameplay in Melting-Mindz- Conundrum Escape is simple but challenging. Players navigate through the prison using point-and-click controls, searching for items and clues that can help them escape. Along the way, players will encounter a variety of puzzles that they must solve to progress further in the game. These puzzles range from logic problems to memory games, and they require players to use their critical thinking skills to overcome them.

The Graphics and Sound

The graphics in Melting-Mindz- Conundrum Escape are simple but effective. The prison is depicted in a dark and foreboding manner, with each area feeling distinct and unique. The sound design is equally impressive, with a haunting soundtrack that adds to the tension and atmosphere of the game.

Tips and Tricks

  • Search every area thoroughly. You never know where you might find a useful item or clue.
  • Take your time with puzzles. Rushing through them will only lead to mistakes.
  • Use your inventory wisely. Some items may be more useful in certain situations than others.
  • Pay attention to the details. Sometimes even the smallest things can hold important clues.


Melting-Mindz- Conundrum Escape is a challenging and engaging escape game that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. With its simple but effective gameplay, haunting graphics and sound, and a gripping storyline, it’s sure to provide hours of entertainment. So, can you escape the ultimate prison conundrum and clear your name? Good luck and have fun!


  1. Is Melting-Mindz- Conundrum Escape free to play? Yes, the game is free to play on the Melting-Mindz website.
  2. Can I save my progress in the game? Yes, the game automatically saves your progress as you play.
  3. How long does it take to complete the game? The length of the game depends on the player’s skill level, but it typically takes several hours to complete.
  4. Are there any cheats or walkthroughs available for the game? Yes, there are several walkthroughs and cheat guides available online if you get stuck.
  5. Is Melting-Mindz- Conundrum Escape appropriate for all ages? The game is appropriate for all ages, but younger players may find some of the puzzles too challenging.

Can you escape Melting-Mindz Conundrum Escape: Can You Escape the Ultimate Prison Conundrum and Clear Your Name??

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