Kogama Slender 3D

Kogama Slender 3D

Kogama Slender is a 3D horror game created by Kogama. The concept of the game is to wander around the woods, search for pages to collect them all before Slender-man shows up and summons your soul.

In this game, you are a little boy, or a girl, lost in the woods with whole bunch of other kids, wandering around and collecting pages. I am not even sure if you ever get to see Slender-man. Also, I don’t see how you can collect all pages if there are other kids collecting them too. I just didn’t spend enough time with this game to figure out everything, but it’s very likely that there isn’t much to figure out. I’ve seen it on some major gaming portals so I thought, hell why not. Let’s give it a try.


Can you escape Kogama Slender 3D?

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Thank you so much to everyone for the support of our new game… and please tell your friends! Have Fun! 😉