Kogama Haunted Hospital 3D

Kogama Haunted Hospital 3D

Kogama Haunted Hospital is a 3D multiplayer escape game created by Kogama. The game itself isn’t that scary, not even if the building’s haunted, simply because you are never alone playing in multiplayer mode.

To play this, you don’t need to register. You will have access to everything except that you will probably have to wear that funny ‘tourist xyz’ sign over your head, which I am perfectly fine with. Also, while roaming the hospital I’ve stumbled upon few very strange looking creatures. Not sure if registered users have more options to customize your character etc..

Beside standard WASD keys, there’s also ‘Q’ to drop the weapon, left mouse is to shoot and ‘k’ is to go back to start (by killing yourself). As a matter of fact, controls window is constantly displayed in the lower left corner, which looks kind of obstructive and a lot more to explore. Good Luck and Have Fun.


Can you escape Kogama Haunted Hospital 3D?

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Thank you so much to everyone for the support of our new game… and please tell your friends! Have Fun! 😉