Geist – Escape the death game

Geist - Escape the death game

Geist means ghost, and the little boy’s task is to chase the ghosts away, find the key and escape the death. It’s a classic escape game about a little boy trapped inside a dark room, who are looking for a room key to get out and escape before his mom returns home. Mom is bad, she’s probably an alcoholic or something, giving the poor boy a really hard time. Instead of playing out with friends, he’s stuck inside this room with toys and books. The boy needs friends.

And it’s not just the mom. There’s a tall dark creature observing him for a while. All these things make a little boy not just sad, but scared too. He needs to get away as soon as possible. Your job is to click certain things in a certain order until the boy finds the key.


Can you escape Geist – Escape the death game?

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