Forgotten Hill Memento: Run Run Little Horse

Run Run Little Horse

Run Run little horsey, run before someone cuts your head off – Forgotten Hill Memento episode 1. A guy with a horse receives a task to accomplish: to go home, get what’s needed and then get back. Time is April 1888. The place: Forgotten Hill. This is the first episode of a new series called Memento.

When you get into the house, check the wall, there’s a picture with geometrical symbols: hexagon (6 sides), triangle (3 sides) etc … Use the number of sides as an input combination for a combination lock on the table. Collect whatever you find there. Use the lighter, light up the candle and a hidden key will immediately show up in the wall.

If you thought that if you bring all the items back to the old man in a cylinder will make him satisfied you were wrong. What he really wants is Berry’s head, the horse’s life. His time has come. You need to use the saber on a horse and do what you have to do. Poor Berry.

Just think of it: a pentagram and a freshly cut off horse head. Blood everywhere. What a sight:) Whoever made this game is not a normal person.

But, the last line which goes ‘not everything that is lost, is lost forever’ – certainly brings back a hope of life after this dark story. But, there are more episodes to come, so we shall see. Good Luck and Have Fun!


Can you escape Forgotten Hill Memento: Run Run Little Horse?

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