Exomortis 2

Exomortis 2


Exomortis 2 is one of the scariest post-apocalyptic horror stories telling a story of the return and enslaving the Earth by an ancient demonic army of Exomortis. In the first part we are acquainted with the story of Exomortis and main characters as well. An unknown man, with no recollection of the past, is wondering in the forest and at one point he stumbles upon a dark old house. When inside, he finds the remains of some campers who were sacrificed in some kind of a ritual. The man finds the book of Exomortis, finishes the ritual following instructions and thus becomes the ‘Hand of Exmortis’, the one who established the link between the Spirit World and the Earth Realm. That is all that an ancient sadistic ruler Lord Vlaew needed to return on Earth, bring his daemon army of Exomortis and once again establish his rule. In the next few years all across the globe, millions of people are gone, religions disappear, and armies are powerless and fall apart one after another under the power of the Exomortis. The complete collapse of society and civilization as we know it is happening. Survivors are grouped in small units which are then becoming the resistance. Good Luck and Have Fun!


Can you escape Exomortis 2?

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