Escape Bootham

Escape Bootham

Escape Bootham is an indie 3D horror escape game, created by VisionStudios. PLEASE ALLOW THE GAME TO FULLY LOAD – IT TAKES SOME TIME! This is a first-person perspective game, where you play some guy who doesn’t know anything about the place he’s been locked up in, except that he needs to find a way out before the time runs out.

Maybe there’s a crazy serial killer coming after him? Don’t know, but the door is locked and you’ll have to find the code to get them open. Basically, from the start, you’ve been simply thrown in the game, without being given any preparation or details about who you are, what is this place and what are you supposed to do there.

The code is actually quite easy to be found. Just look for the book. The note inside says that after the ‘outbreak’ all the codes had to be changed and that the code of your room’s door should be 3-6-5-7. So if you type in that code to a keypad located on the wall to the right of the door, it should open. Outside in the corridor, there will be a lot more rooms, but each one of them has its own secret code.

The goal of the game is to escape before the time runs out. It’s rather short game and except for the creepy and dark atmosphere, no one is really after you. There aren’t jumpscares in it, no enemies, or creepy sounds – nothing like that. The game has a huge potential but simply didn’t live up to my expectations, I guess, mainly because of the ending which is way too sudden and the way too simple.


Can you escape Escape Bootham?

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