Being Her Darkest Friend : Pixel Art Horror

Being Her Darkest Friend - Pixel Art Horror

Being Her Darkest Friend : Pixel Art Horror a classic point-and-click horror adventure game created by AdventureJam 2015. It’s a trip through Selena’s dark nightmare, as she’s been given a task to complete the series of riddles and puzzling events. It’s a confusing low resolution, so-called pixel-art horror adventure full of mystic symbols and enigmas, made especially for a game jam event back in 2015.

To get going you need to keep clicking on a block of stone until it gets carved into a sculpture of a girl – our protagonist – Selena. This is how the adventure begins.

Your first task has been given to you by your friend Tomoko. You need to use the camera and take a picture of, you don’t know who yet. Tomoko disappears, and the whole surroundings change to a room with empty picture frames and book shelves. Hint: take a picture of the easel. It will turn transparent. Do the same with all of them until they all turn transparent and finally diminish. This is how you get free.

When you’re done with taking pictures, get back to creepy Tomoko and see what happens next.

In the next task instructed by Professor Seligman .. you will have to take a paintbrush and go back to the same room, which this time looks a little rearranged with some new creepy faces showing up standing in the right corner.


Can you escape Being Her Darkest Friend : Pixel Art Horror?

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