Cute Hipster Cat Rescue Escape

G4K Cute Hipster Cat Rescue Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games 4 King. Your cat is the cute hipster cat in the world. He gives you kiss every morning but not today. He usually jumps into your bed first thing in the morning so you wonder why he didn’t do it. You looked for him in every corner of your house and you realized that he is missing. So you have to find and rescue your poor cat. However, his paws are too little so it would not be easy to trace him with that. Because of this, you have to find more clues that can help you to locate your cat. He might be in trouble right now so you have to be as quick as possible. There are items in the forest that you can use to find your cat so don’t hesitate to use those items. Help your cat to escape from the hut. Good luck and have fun!