The Magicians Town

The Magicians Town is a fun point and click adventure type hidden object game by Hidden4Fun. People have different relatives. We are not talking about different characters but about different professions and you could not even imagine what your great-great-grandfather was doing in his time. It’s like that with Selena for example. Believe it or not, her great-grandfather was one of the greatest magicians in the world. He wasn’t some charlatan that was telling lies all time, but a real magician with huge power and influence.One day Selena found out the old books that belonged to her great-grandfather.

While reading those books and admiring her great-grandfather’s work, Selena found out that deep in the forest there are ruins from the ancient town on the magicians, the place where many people just like her great-grandfather lived and worked. She is willing to search little bit more and find out more details about this place and those people. Another thing that intrigues her most is the feeling that she has inherited the great talent from her great grandfather.

It seems as she is the only heir that has the magical powers so she has to find out something more about the town of the magicians. Selena arrives at the place and starts searching right away. This will be a great adventure and she will do what it takes to learn something more about her great grandfather, including her own talent.