Train Robbery Escape

Train Robbery Escape is a point and click hidden object game by Hidden4Fun. No one wants to be paranoid about anything, that’s for sure but sometimes traveling could be unpredictable and dangerous, namely like any other activity we do. When it comes to traveling, no one could say which way of traveling is the safest. For someone that is traveling by plane, for someone traveling by car while some people choose using train but sometimes could happen something and destroy all the safety and beauty of traveling. We don’t like something like this to happen but we can’t know where those criminals have chosen to operate at the moment and same goes with natural catastrophes…

In this game we are talking about a robbery, a real robbery that has happened in a train, In the train that traveled on a destination from France to Moscow. Those criminals were daring enough to threaten the safety of so many people.

Those people were traveling and once someone realized that certain objects are missing, all passengers in the train started panicking. They called the police right away and the detectives where in the train very soon. Now it’s time to research the case, to find some traces and evidences that could explain what has happen. For that purpose everyone should be questioned, because in those cases everyone is a suspect until the opposite is proven.