The Sacred Scrolls is a point and click hidden object adventure game by Hidden4fun. Wendy is a young girl that has grown up in religious family. Girls may be interested in other things but Wendy appreciates the religion very much, building her own identity according to it. She has grown up with her grandfather’s stories which have been related to certain local saints. According to his stories, near the city where they live, deep in the local forest, there is a secret place. This place is special because supposedly there live those saints. And since we are talking about saints, we all know that things are usually kept out of side, hidden with certain mystery.

Wendy believed in her grandfather’s stories but she always wanted to discover what is actually hiding in that forest. Her grandfather’s story also said that those saints keep a great secret and this secret was also mystery for her, something that she always wanted to know what is about. He mentioned certain sacred scrolls and the great secret was exactly in those scrolls, kept by the saints. No one knows what is in those scrolls so that’s a challenge for Wendy; to get to the forest and find this special place that hides the secret.

Maybe some other person won’t take the risk to go there but Wendy is a very brave girl and she feels prepared to take the risk and look for the saints and the big secret. This unusual trip could be quite dangerous so let’s go there together with Wendy and see what is hiding there. Perhaps this great secret would be useful for us too. Let’s take the challenge!

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