The Magic Spear is a fun point and click hidden object escape game from Hidden4fun. Ok, dividing the responsibilities to man’s and woman’s is something that exists since forever and it is somehow ok, except when someone is doing it with prejudice and characterizes women as weak, or man as rough for example. We all know that there are women much strong than men, in their views of life or even physically, and there are men as weak as cotton, crying secretly about everything but those prejudges still exist around us, that’s a fact.

Meet Eva. She is a daughter of one of the greatest warriors in the kingdom. She might look like a gentle girl, some may even say that she is fragile like any other girl but actually she has inherited her father’s characteristics – she enters into all kind of dangerous adventures, without any fear. Eva’s father has retold her legend about a magical spear that is hidden in the neighboring kingdom. The legend says that the one that will find it will become unbeatable. Eva is quite convinced and self-confident about her qualities but who doesn’t like to be better? Even best? This girl has decided that she has to find the spear and no one could stop her in her dangerous intention.

Let’s help Eva find that spear but also help her not to enter into some trouble.

Play The Magic Spear Escape

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