Lost on the Road is a mystery point and click hidden object escape game from Hidden4Fun. Just like the old hippies, Janet has to chosen to feel and act free these days! Namely, these days there is one huge music festival happening in her country. It is about a very famous festival because of the great guests that are invited each year and that is what attracts numerous visitors to see the festival and enjoy music those few days. Janet will visit this year the festival and she has decided to get to the location of the festival stopping. Some people are skeptic about using this kind of transport because you can’t know who you would bump into but on the other hand numerous people use this transport and are very excited about meeting new people while they travel.

However, Janet’s story is quite strange and unusual. Actually she goes to the main railroad and starts stopping. One yellow vehicle stops and Janet decides to get into the vehicle and continue her trip. Soon the driver explains her that he has some job to do on his way so he stops near some abandoned property. He leaves the car and soon Janet realizes that she has been fooled and left alone in this abandoned property, completely alone!

Actually the things are not as they seem. In one moment Janet starts feeling someone’s present at the property and that present is not of a human beings… The air is very cold, there is some strange fog spreading around… Very soon Janet realizes that it is about ghosts, they are here all around her! Janet has to find a suitable way to escape from this haunted place before it’s too late. Suddenly that concert is not important at all, now she has another thing that she has to finish – to escape!

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