Here Comes The Bride Escape is a point and click hidden object escape game by Hidden4Fun. The wedding of our best friends is a very important thing, perhaps the second important thing after our own wedding. Angela, Sarah and Donna are the best friends of the future bride and they are very, very excited about the big day of their friend. They prepare for the wedding for a longer time but also they take care of the future bride to be prepared as well.

Those friends took part in organizing the wedding as well, managing all details to be in perfect order. Besides the actual wedding and everything that comes with it, there is one part that is also very important and that’s the bachelorette party. The brides are usually very busy before the great day and that’s why the best friends are always here.

Angela, Sarah and Donna have decided to make a big surprise for their friend’s bachelorette party. Actually she doesn’t know that there would be a bachelorette party so this would be a very nice surprise. The girls have managed everything, the final prepares are near to their end and the bride will arrive very soon. That means that everything is ok, but there are just few things that need to be done. The girls will have to take care of the place where this party will take place and to find the needed objects so everything would be perfect for the party. Let’s help those girl prepare the party of the bride’s dreams and make sure everything is in a perfect order.

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