Cleaning Assistant is a point and click hidden object type escape game from Hidden4Fun. Cleaning is generally boring activity, or let’s not judge so much, it is not a responsibility that everyone enjoys in, even though it’s something that has to be done often, to make our living space more comfortable. We clean our homes regularly but once in a while there’s a need to make general cleaning and clean in details everything. There is no rule when should we do this but most of us do it two or three times a year, some even more. Some may say that clear mind goes with clear home.

The Nelsons do this general cleaning of their apartment three times a year and that is not an activity just for the parents but for every member of the family. They like their kids to have good habits in life and that’s why they’ve included them since they were very young. Three times a year they clean their apartment very organized, turning the whole process into teamwork, but also into family fellowship and entertainment. That’s why no one wants to escape from this responsibility; actually they wait with excitement this day to come.

This time they’ve decided that they will need some help in the whole process and that’s why they’ve invited their neighbor to help them, as their cleaning assistant. Actually you will play in this role and your task will be helping each member of the family finish his part in cleaning. You will have the chance to see how cleaning could be a very interesting job to do and enjoy Nelson’s family company.

Play Cleaning Assistant

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